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Books by Jonathan Coan Daifuku
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A Quid Pro Quo in Paris summary.

Discover this gripping mystery of a family pushed to their limits in Paris, 1960. American expat, Harry Higgins, an embassy attaché, is separated from his wife, Marge. Their daughter, Lena, is in the midst of a nervous breakdown. When Harry's newfound love, bright and sexy Colette, turns up strangled by Harry’s US embassy tie, he's thrown into the notorious French prison, La Santé. His family's tenuous balance unravels.

Time’s running out. Lena, just twenty-one, is certain her father’s not a killer. Hoping to find proof of Harry’s innocence, she jets between Paris and New York City on a hunch. There, she discovers her own talent as an amateur sleuth. Will she resolve the mystery before Harry’s on trial in Paris? Is it too late to save her father from the guillotine? The clock’s ticking. This Paris prison novel offers more than just the thrill of a whodunit: it’s also the tale of a family's drama as they navigate through life-and-death challenges, rebuild their shattered lives and redefine their love for one another. Laden with powerful emotions and a strong conflict, it’s bound to captivate and surprise you.

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The Barcelona Journal Murders summary.

Barcelona 1906. Professor C… teaches a photography course at an upper-class, all-women’s school in Barcelona in the 1900s. A serial killer has the city terrified; elaborately tied prostitutes are turning up in the Barri Gotic, the city’s historical medieval neighborhood, strangled on days ending in 4. Hired to photograph the victims, the Professor unwilling finds himself drawn into a treacherous, riddle-filled plot. Will the camera prove mightier than the sword? Are the two witty, strong-willed women in his life part of the problem or part of the solution? 

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A Quid Pro Quo in Paris

'This is an original concept for a story. You have set it in a fascinating time period and it contains some compelling characters, particularly the women, Marge, Lena and Colette. […] There is a great appetite for crime and thriller fiction, particularly that which tells unusual and unexpected stories like this one.'
Barbara Henderson, Core Editor Cornerstones UK.

The Barcelona Journal Murders

“It is evident the author is comfortably familiar with not only the setting, but the history of photography. A lot of historical details are interwoven into the story. I especially enjoyed the toilet snippets taken from newspapers conveniently ripped into to squares for use as bathroom tissue. At a whopping 693 pages, be prepared for a long, but satisfying read. The book is divided into short chapters and scenes, which makes it easy to read. Thank you to the author and publisher. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Mirella Patzer of 

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